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FaceGym, the cult facial brand that advocates "working out the muscles in your face" relocated its Head Office to a new Central London location.

The design maximised the available 2000 square-foot space, supporting FaceGym's existing operation as well as providing the necessary room for the business to grow into.

01. FACEGYM 11.effectsResul1t 1.jpg
03. FACEGYM 11.effectsResult 14.jpg


- concept design
- space planning

- material specification

- furniture specification

- CGI visualisation

- pitch presentation

06. FACEGYM 11.effectsResult 4.jpg

style concept

A mix of modern and mid-century furniture brings a feeling of credibility and fun to reflect a growing dynamic brand full of potential.

04. FACEGYM 11.effectsResult 2.jpg
15. FACEGYM 11.effectsResult 11.jpg

don't fake it

Full-height glass partitions divide meeting rooms to reflect FaceGym's clear and transparent ethos.

12. FACEGYM 11.effectsResult 13.jpg

DESIGN documents

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